When you call 678-412-0821, you are calling me directly. Sometimes, I might be on the phone with another client. Other times, I might not be able to take your call because I’m busy trying to complete my daily workload to keep my clients happy.

If you want to be sure to connect with me at your convenience, schedule a phone call!

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Choose Free Quote If You:

  • Have a new project that you would like to discuss and get a quote for.
  • Want to make updates to your current website and want to know how much it will cost.
  • Need a website-related service that you don’t see listed on my website.

Choose General Support If You:

  • Have questions or need assistance with any product or service directly offered by WebCenntrix.
  • Have basic or general questions about your website or website-related products or services like emails and domains.

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  • Want me to teach you how to do anything website-related, including making updates or customizations to your own website and walkthroughs.
  • Want me to make website updates/edits in real-time so you can view changes instantly.
  • Need support for third-party products or services including those related to websites, email, hosting, domains, DNS, etc.
  • Want me to call third-party customer support on your behalf to solve issues and/or translate technical terms. (includes 3-way calls)
  • Want me to join in conference calls (more than 3 total people), screen shares, or other virtual meetings.
  • Advanced Support Is $125/Hour

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Responsive web design dictates that your websites legibly fit on any device screen, whether it is a desktop, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. It should also do so without altering the quality of the text and graphics. 

PO Box 3281
Marietta, GA 30061

(678) 412-0921 

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