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Joomla Features & Benefits


It is an Open Source Platform and Offers Flexibility

One terrific advantage of Joomla is that, unlike the other proprietary CMS platforms, it lets the developers customize the website easily. The technical experts at Joomla development services ensure that your developers can change the source codes easily. As a start-up, this is beneficial because you save on time as well as cost while customizing your website.

Increased Usability

As your start-up acquires scale; your website would need various kinds of modifications. At some time in your journey as a business owner, the website may require the addition of an online magazine, a community page or an e-commerce plugin. The Joomla CMS will help you in installing these services very easily. Make your website small/large, simple/complicated but do not forget to select only an adept Joomla development services provider.

Easy Accessibility

Start-up owners do not need to have coding skills to access their Joomla websites. If you want to access your site, it is easy. Log into your account, check the visitor and other key statistics, add content, edit it and do more. You do not need HTML coding experience to implement codes. So, no need to rush to your Joomla development company for every small update or maintenance. No wonder, this makes Joomla a preferred CMS for most of the start-ups.

Community Driven CMS

Joomla is a community-driven content management system. What it means is that users of this platform pool their knowledge together in solving any glitches that may erupt while using Joomla. This helps the developers of the Joomla-driven websites to overcome any problems in double-quick time. The communities that use Joomla CMS websites often volunteer to come forward and offer advice and suggestions to make this platform even better. Get this valuable advice and a whole lot of suggestions on various modules that are free and can be downloadable. All these things make Joomla very user-friendly not just for the website owners but for their clients as well.

Range of Templates and Great Functionality

There is a very large range of templates that you can choose from while developing your website. You also get several extensions from this CMS platform to give versatility to your websites. Whether your segment is fashion, e-commerce, news, or anything else, Joomla has plenty of suitable options for all. Hire a good eCommerce website development company to make your eCommerce site based on Joomla.

Easy Migration

Joomla development services now make it possible for you to migrate your website from Joomla to any other platform with minimum effort. No doubt Joomla is one of the most user-friendly and efficient platforms and it covers a lion’s share of the web, in any chance, if you want to migrate to any other platform, Joomla makes the process quite simple and easy. Similarly, it is easy to shift your content and website from one server to another without any technical glitches. So, do not worry, if your current server is unable to handle your content because of bandwidth issues, help is at hand from Joomla. Atlanta Web Design Company


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